Our Solar Energy Panels Have Been Established 23AUG
Our Solar Energy Panels Have Been Established

We have taken another step in our sustainability journey with our orientation towards environmentally friendly energy sources.

We started to generate our energy from the sun with solar panels with a capacity of 5500 kW installed on the roof of our factory.

Our panels, which produce an average of 5500 kW of electricity daily, provide an environmentally friendly production by making use of the clean and renewable energy source, the sun. In this way, we not only stay true to our aim of protecting nature, but also make our energy costs more sustainable.

These panels, which were established on an area of 5000 square meters, will meet a large part of our factory's energy needs. This means that our production processes are now more environmentally friendly and contribute to our goal of leaving a cleaner world for future generations.

Discover the importance and benefits of transitioning to green energy with us. We are happy to feel you by our side in every step we take to leave a cleaner and more livable world for the future. We are moving towards the green future step by step with solar energy.

Step by Step to the Green Future: Installation of Solar Energy Panels in Our Factory Has Been Completed.

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