Laser Tube Cutting
Laser Tube Cutting


We perform our Tube-Profile Laser Cutting Services with high precision in our 3 kW Trumpf TruLaser Tube 5000 fiber T06 Fiber loom.

Additinoal Features;

SeamLine Tube: positions the part as desired by recognizing the welding seam or mark on the square tube to be produced.

Flowdrill and Tapping: Additional machining methods such as thread cutting and spiral drilling are integrated into the machine.

Technicial Specifications:

Maximum Tube diameter Ø152 mm Minimum Tube diameter Ø20 mm

Maximum Square profile 120 x 120 mm

Maximum raw material feeding length 6500 mm

Maximum finished part length 4500 mm

Our maximum thickness cutting limits:

Mild Steel 8 mm

Stainless Steel 5mm

Aluminum 6mm



Pipe - Profile Laser cutting combined with Flowdrill / Spinning and Threading Technology


Flowdrill - diş açma teknolojisi

It makes it possible to thread thin-walled materials without the need for welding, rivets, rivets.

First of all, the Formdrill tip is plastered with friction heat without removing sawdust and waste, and then threading is done by rubbing. Thus, there is no need for additional processes such as welding nut, pop nut or hammer nut.

Since the thread is formed from the own material of the threaded part, a long-lasting connection without loosening, rotation or play is made at the connection point.